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The Knighting of Sir Sticky Von Bear

by Gabriel & Kelly Shields | illustrated by Zemeira Walker

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Picture book (ages 3+)

Due to his sticky condition a spirited little bear finds himself outcast and stuck with the name Sticky Bear. So, he sets out on a quest to find a kingdom where he can make a great name for himself, but when his stickiness threatens to get in the way he must discover what will make him worthy of becoming a knight or risk being stuck in his condition forever.


Taking children on Sir Sticky’s journey is a lovely imaginative way to introduce children to gospel truths!

Betsy Childs Howard | Author; Editor for The Gospel Coalition

5 reviews for The Knighting of Sir Sticky Von Bear (Paperback)

  1. Heather

    A sweet story with absolutely beautiful illustrations. It is an encouraging story about finding your way, finding out who you are, and that how people may perceive you isn’t how God sees you, you are loved and treasured.

    The illustrations are a soft watercolor style making this a perfect curl up on the couch book to read with your favourite little person. Beautiful and an inspiring book.

  2. Josie S.

    I like the deeper meaning of the story, the way it contrasts the world’s idea of success with God’s. The illustrations are also beautiful. My son liked the main character, saying “Sticky Bear!” each time I turned the page.

  3. Bobbie H.

    I liked the expressions on Sticky Bear, especially the very humble bear. The “Glory” pages are a perfect heavenly expression. I loved that Sticky acknowledged the empty things of the world could not bring joy. The illustrations are delightfully inviting and peaceful. For older children there are many subtle treats to discover in the photos, like when did the man first appear in the cottage. It really is a wonderful story to share from generation to generation.

  4. Nicole H.

    The sweet nature of the story really drew my kids and me in. The illustrations really helped to not only see Sticky but relate to him. My kids and I loved that he had a strainer on his head.

  5. Gideon B.

    I liked that throughout the whole book you see that Sticky Bear struggles with being unwanted and unloved, but continues to try to prove himself thinking that if he just does this right and covers his problem (stickiness) then he will be accepted. Though nobody else wants or likes him seeing God’s persistence of wanting him as he goes through this struggle is really good. It is also explained in a way that children can easily understand what is going on.

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About the Author

Gabriel & Kelly Shields


Gabriel and Kelly Shields share a love for fairy tales and children’s books, and now that they are proud parents, they’ve found their lives (and shelves) filled with them. They hope to fill other family’s bookshelves with stories that feed their souls and lead them to a deeper understanding of their identity and purpose in Christ.

About the Illustrator

Zemeria Walker


Zemeira Walker has been drawing since she could wield a crayon. She holds a Bachelors of the Arts in Communications, is continuing her education abroad in Theology and the Arts, and hopes to continue a career in illustration. The majority of her published pieces are digital, but her favorite mediums are ink and watercolor which inspire her freehanded digital style. See more of her work.


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